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A Holiday With A Difference – Staycationing

I’m always looking for new ways to increase my eco credentials and that, coupled with a need to save some cash this month, led to the decision to staycation for the time we had booked off from work. There had been plans for a week in Ireland, travelling by ferry, or a few days in Somerset, however we decided to enjoy some local tourist attractions in the Midlands and stop at home.

By reducing the cost of holiday accommodation, we were able to allocate some money for day trips, and decided to try and get as broad a spectrum of entertainment into our week as possible, whilst still having some time for relaxing. We also decided to make our home as much like a B&B as possible so we had the best bits of staying at home and the best bits of being away, so had a lovely range of teas to choose from, some luxurious bath products from Lush for some evening pampering with minimal impact on the planet, and bacon and sausage for breakfast from our friendly butcher up the road.

Day trips we planned included travelling to Cannock Chase and enjoying the trails walking around the FSC managed woodland, an overnight stop in Wales, enjoying some refreshing sea air and including a trip to the CAT centre, which never fails to provide renewed inspiration, and is a place where we feel very much at home, and a train trip to Birmingham to reduce our carbon emissions from travelling. We started the week with a museum and country park double up near to Leicester, and aimed to find places to eat out which supported local producers and served seasonal food as much as possible.

All in all, the week was very enjoyable, although holidays always seem a lifetime away as soon as you walk through the office door, and this occasion is no exception. Staycationing for many people usually involves a trip within the UK, but we proved a staycation in your own home can be as refreshing and enjoyable as a UK holiday, and there can often be many places within reasonable travelling distances that you wouldn’t normally see but which can be good fun. I shall certainly consider it again in the future as a good alternative to a UK trip!

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