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Barack Backtracks on Emissions Policy

The Economic Rescue Plan that earned Barack Obama credit with green campaigners last week now sits in the shadow of announcements that the proposed timetable Obama had in place for addressing America’s emissions is being rejigged. Due to the unlikelihood that Congress will pass a motion to restrict carbon emissions before the end of 2009, Obama has been forced to backtrack on plans and delay the time frame in which he was promising action would take place.

White House officials confirm that action will still take place, but exactly when this will be is much harder to pin down. The Rescue Plan saw opposition in Congress, and it is difficulty such as this that has made the White House reconsider the time frames allocated for passing and initiating further green legislation. America is still keen to lead on the green front however, and with the highest emissions per citizen in the world, commitment to act is long awaited and a welcome sight.

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