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Wood inlay eco wedding rings

Going Green With Wedding Rings

People who live by green and sustainable values in their everyday life will most likely extend these ideals to the biggest day of their lives – their wedding day. Brides and grooms who opt for a green wedding will therefore want to source all their wedding related services/products from suppliers with green products and services available. This will extend to the bride and groom’s wedding rings, in fact this is the one part of the wedding that you will wear every day and symbolises your marriage forever.

Hand-made wooden in-lay rings use recycled precious metals (silver and gold) and salvaged wood. These rings are unique wedding rings, ideal for both men and women and are available in silver, gold, palladium and platinum. There are a number of different woods that are used within the in-lay part of the ring, including oak, ebony, mahogany and yew.

One of the appealing factors of these types of wedding rings is that the wood will change over the years as it’s a natural element within the ring. The changes are dependent on your lifestyle and what the ring comes into contact with. The wooden in-lay rings can also be set with diamonds to give that extra sparkle!

wood inlay wedding ringThe wood in eco wedding rings comes from many different recycled sources, and in the case of the rings from Wedding Rings Direct, sources include masts from old ships docked in Falmouth, an old apple wood tree from the garden of the designer’s Grandma, and mahogany from the Eden Project.

With recycled wood, no two grains are the same so each handmade ring is totally unique and comes with its own story! When the wood is worn continuously the natural oils in your skin will prevent it from drying and cracking, but we recommend that the ring is regularly oiled using linseed oil, but any other oil will be fine too.

The silver and gold within the rings are 70 – 90% recycled metal, largely sourced from customers or suppliers scrap jewellery.

The last twenty years have shown an increase in awareness of the ‘blood diamond’ trade, which has resulted in a shift in buyers’ preferences to purchase only conflict-free diamonds. Conflict diamonds are those mined in war zones, which are associated with child labour and violence. Changes in policy by governments of the USA, EU and other world organisations has resulted in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and tightened restrictions in the importing of diamonds from potential conflict areas.

As a UK-based company, Wedding Rings Direct only sells conflict-free diamonds, buying diamonds from reputable dealers in countries who adhere to the practices outlined by the Kimberley Process.

So if you’re buying a diamond wedding or engagement ring, check with your jeweller to make sure their products also meet this standard so your diamond doesn’t lose its sparkle.

This guest article was written by Wedding Rings Direct, whose collection covers a variety of different styles including the unique range of wooden in-lay rings.

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