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Chocolatier Suzanne and son Euan from Rainbow Organic Chocolates

Find Suzanne’s Organic Chocolates at the End of the Rainbow

We love chocolate (who doesn’t?!) So when we heard about Rainbow Organic Chocolates, handmade by Suzanne with assistance from her 13 year old son Euan, we had to find out more.

Rainbow Organic Chocolates launched as a family business just north of Edinburgh, Scotland, in September 2013. In June 2014, they will be relocating to the south of England, bringing their French-style chocolates to Brighton.

Suzanne trained to become a chocolatier for 3 years and is a graduate of the Ecole Chocolat School. She was trained practically in the Valrhona school in Tain Hermitage, France. The family business mainly consists of  Suzanne, the chocolatier, with Euan as her young apprentice and ideas guru, who has contributed some fun products to their range, such as Henry the Hedgehog and Maisie Mouse.

Handmade Chocolates from Rainbow Organic ChocolatesWhat made you decide to start Rainbow Organic Chocolates?

I have been a lifetime ‘foodie’ and I was often disappointed with chocolates that I’d tried; a lot of the time they were too sweet or not moreish enough. Therefore I decided to make chocolates that I knew were made from only fresh ingredients and tasted great; basically chocolates that I would wish to buy.

Why was it important to you to make an organic product?

I have always bought organic food/produce for my family as I believe it is better for you, tastes nicer and is better for the environment. So I naturally developed my business as an organic chocolate business and am registered with SOPA – the Scottish Organic Producers Association.

We wanted to make high quality chocolates for all the family that taste great, have a french-style ( i.e. we favour hand-dipped chocolates), use fresh organic ingredients, and are healthier too because they are not full of excessive amounts of sugar. Our main product lines are fresh, seasonal chocolate boxes, seasonal bars and moulded novelty gifts.

Wedding or Valentine Organic Chocolate Box

Where do you source the ingredients used to make Rainbow Organic Chocolates?

My chocolate, which is organic and fairtrade, comes from Belgium and is supplied by HB Ingredients in Lewes, Sussex. Ingredients like nuts come from SUMA and all my fresh fruits are sourced from my local organic farm shop. Grahams Dairy in Fife supply the fresh cream used in my chocolates.

What sort of packaging do you use for your chocolates?

I have always been a keen recycler and have concerns regarding landfill. It was important to our business’ ethos to have packaging that is compostable so we teamed up with Vegware who are based in Edinburgh and they developed our 100% compostable box. All our packaging comes from them.

What sort of energy do you use to power your business?

Good Energy provide all our energy and both our home and factory are supplied wholly by them so we are 100% renewable. In the summer, we will be switching to an electric vehicle too, and we aim to be CO2 neutral going forward.

Xmas and Spring Chocolate Bags

Would you recommend green energy to other business owners?

Yes I would recommend green energy to other businesses. As a business, we are keen to reduce our CO2 as much as possible to minimise our contribution to global warming and other businesses can do this easily to reduce their emissions too.

Are there any other things you do to make your business more ethical and environmentally friendly?

We recycle our waste and ask our suppliers to minimise non-compostable packaging.

We are also business partners with WWF. The work of the WWF is, I think, very important in the protection of endangered species and since before the start of my business, I have been a long term supporter. Therefore Rainbow Organic Chocolates were very keen to become a WWF business partner.

Henry the Chocolate HedgehogHow can people find and enjoy your produce?

We have an online business, where customers can order via the website, and we supply Heathend Farm Shop in Petworth.

This year, we will be participating in Brighton markets and food festivals too. You can come and meet us at the Brighton Chocolate Festival from 29th-30th March 2014, and we will also be at the London Christmas Chocolate Festival from 12-13th December 2014.

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