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Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Face Mask

‘Drink Up Intensive’ Face Mask by Origins

This American skincare brand are dedicated to developing ground-breaking new products from pure, natural ingredients. Claiming to be ‘Powered by Nature. Proven by Science’, their green packaging and laboratory like shop display really hammer home their wholesome image.
Product: ‘Drink Up Intensive’
Brand: Origins
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Tester’s skin type: Combination skin (oily t-zone with dry patches)

Eco credentials

The ingredients on the product label include Japanese Seaweed, designed for skin barrier repair, Kernel Oil, Avacado Oil and Mango Butters, to name a few. When you read further down the tube, the list seems to be rather endless, in fact including many ingredients that I don’t actually recognise. The brand is adamant, however, in their claims of purity and earth-friendly practices.

Origins face mask on handTexture and smell

The smell is absolutely delicious; literally good enough to eat. It’s also incredibly easy to apply. I did find it left my skin a bit greasy, but you can tissue any excess cream off. As a nourishing mask, it’s intended to be left on overnight to work its magic.

Ease of use

This product couldn’t be easier to apply. When you wake up in the morning, your skin has absorbed all residue, with the added benefit that there’s no greasy pillows either.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Face Mask applied to skinResults

The product description states this mask is best for tackling skin dehydration inflicted by the toils of a busy lifestyle. Waking up the next day, my skin did feel hydrated, but no more than if I’d applied my normal night cream. Perhaps on other skin types it would be more effective as I don’t get dry patches, but for my combination skin there wasn’t the ‘refreshed, replenished, ready to face the day’ feeling that the label claims to create.

Value for money

This face mask comes in at a whopping £22! There are probably around 5-6 applications worth, depending on how thick you want the mask , and considering I didn’t experience any mind-blowing results, it’s probably not worth raiding the piggy bank for. Origins also recommend twice weekly applications, so at over £7 a week, it’s definitely a product at the top of most beauty budgets.


I have to admit I’m addicted to this high-powered skincare brand, but being under the Estee Lauder umbrella may mean their credentials are only skin-deep. When investigating the PETA website, I can’t see them listed as an approved brand, which does make me question their claim as animal friendly. This product is nice and soothing and smells delicious, but in comparison to their other products, especially when you take the price into consideration, it doesn’t really pack the punch you’d expect from this premium brand.
Total score: 18/25

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