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Choosing Green Printing to Help the Environment

Few of us know that while we think our machines are sleeping, they are actually leeching 25% of the power that they consume from us. We also don’t often think about the fact that more than half the trees chopped down in the world are used for paper.

In an ecologically challenged world, just these two facts make a compelling argument for turning to green printing. Not printing in green ink, but printing in an ecologically sustainable manner. How do you do that?

The first thing that you need to pay attention to is whether the printing company that you are using has FSC accreditation (Forest Stewardship Council). This means that the printers and paper products that you will be using come from forests that are managed to highest ecological standards. The FSC will issue a logo and a unique code under the logo to indicate that they have been found ecologically friendly. Once a printer manufacturer has obtained FSC accreditation, the customers using those printers and printing companies can also apply for FSC accreditation on their products – providing that they meet the FSC standards.

Using a ‘green’ printing company means that you, as the customer, are assured that the environment is damaged as little as possible by using paper and printers for your requirements. It also means that the products used can safely be recycled and therefore minimize the need for further deforestation.

The FSC accreditation ensures that the printers are energy-wise. This means that is doesn’t use more power/energy than it should. The printer company is obliged to make the printer as energy efficient as possible. The printing company also uses inks that are soy or vegetable based and therefore not harmful to the environment and easy to recycle when they have been used.

In order to ensure high quality management of forests, the FSC makes sure that wood logged for paper is identified and cultivated so that the impact of the loss of the tree is minimised. This means that, by obtaining the FSC accreditation, your printing company takes care of its resources and can be seen as a reliable and responsible service provider. Something every customer wants to know.

In your own business/personal use, you will have customers/clients with the same ecological concerns as you. You will need to reassure them that you too are concerned with the environment and the impact that you are having on it. If your printing company is FSC accredited, you may apply for accreditation as well, as your products may also be eco-friendly. Should you qualify, you will also be issued with an FSC logo and number. If your printer company is not FSC accredited, you will not qualify for the accreditation and will then have to make the decision to continue using them, or moving on to a provider that can help you attain accreditation.

So next time you’re looking for a brochure printing company, do your research. Make sure that you know what their carbon footprint is and how much they care about the environment – therefore you – before you give them your valuable business.

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  1. We use a green printer that is in the area. They recently got their FSC accreditation and were sharing with me all that is entailed. It’s fascinating how they track the tree from beginning to end to ensure everything is truly sustainable and as green as possible!

    Posted by Greenville SC real estate December 1, 2011 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

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