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Alternative Festivals And Refund Options Available To Big Green Gathering Ticket Holders

Last week the shocking news that the threat of an injunction against the Big Green Gathering 2009 forced directors to cancel the event 3 days before it was due to begin shocked the green community. All is not lost however, as ticket holders have a number of options available following the cancellation.

A number of other festivals that will be taking place during the summer and early in 2010 have come to the rescue and have agreed to accept tickets for the Big Green Gathering to enable people to still enjoy some summer festivities. Although all the details have not yet been finalised, they should be available within the next week with ticket swap options including the Family Yoga Camp and The Big Chill which starts on Thursday for a £20 upgrade; an event that is usually sold out before the event begins.

Big Green Gathering directors are urging people to remain patient and see what opportunities they may have by using their tickets to attend an alternative event, however stress that the legal right to a full refund will be available for those who are unable to choose an alternative or are unhappy with the alternatives that will be on offer.

A formal refund procedure is currently being put in place by the team and will enable those who wish to claim a refund for their tickets to do so, however people are being asked to be patient due to the small amount of volunteers available to answer customer queries and process the refunds. Although the refund process is due to be announced in the next couple of days, the Big Green Gathering organisers are keen to encourage people to fully consider the other options available through doing a ticket swap rather than requesting a refund, saying on their website,

“If you DO decide that you’d be willing to accept a swap, you’d be doing the future of the Big Green, a big favour.”

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  1. I am feeling frustrated and disillusioned as are many others that the BGG was forced to cancell due to the ‘intervention at a higher level’. Having taken our week’s holiday we visited the area which showed the extent of the preparation already completed and our frustration that we could do nothing to help. It was interesting to hear from the Glastonbury Festival office that they always have problems with Mendip Council. How can we help to ensure that our rights to ‘gather are upheld and support the organisers as they address the aftermathe of a tragic summer? The articles in the Guardian etc also question the threat of ‘a police state’ silencing the rights of peace loving public to question political decision making!

    Posted by edwina hughes August 22, 2009 at 11:24 am | Permalink

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