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age of stupid australia and new zealand premier

Age Of Stupid Premiere In Australia And New Zealand

Climate change film ‘The Age of Stupid’ will see Pete Postlethwaite posing the question of why we didn’t do something to save ourselves to Australia and New Zealand at tomorrow’s premiere. The premiere will be the follow on from the low carbon example set by the UK premiere in March which set a Guiness world record for the largest simultaneous film premiere with people watching the live link-up with London from cinemas across the UK.

The premiere will see the return of the green carpet for celebrities to walk up, and will have a number of guest speakers including the head of Greenpeace in Australia, a Senator and there is even the chance that the Australian Prime Minister may join the event by telephone. In addition to this, there will be a satellite link to a boat in the Arctic where explorer Eric Phillips will be on board waiting to join in discussions, a video message from some children in Copenhagen will pass on their message to world leaders, and viewers will be able to send text messages to question the director and producer team, Franny Armstrong and Lizzie Gillett after the film.

The film, which portrays the after effects of a high carbon lifestyle where climate change has had a devastating effect on the world sees Pete Postlethwaite’s character, The Archivist, in the year 2055 asking why we didn’t do something to stop runaway climate change when we had the chance. The film shows a range of footage from 2008, which when put together as in the film, gives a scary insight into just how many signs we may be getting that climate change is already having an effect.

The Age of Stupid highlights the importance of acting while we still have the chance to do so, and challenges governments to pledge to cut emissions by significant enough levels that runaway climate change does not end up becoming a reality. Although some countries have already committed to reducing carbon emissions, there are fears that the carbon reduction targets are still too low. Australia have only committed to a 5% reduction in emissions, and New Zealand to 10-15%. Scientific evidence shows that a reduction of at least 40% is required in order to provide us with a reasonable chance of surviving the fight against climate change; a far cry from the 5 and 15% pledged by these two countries alone. The film therefore also urges governments, and members of the public to pressure their MPs to recognise the importance of the Copenhagen climate summit in December and take the opportunity to prevent, or at least minimise the effects of, runaway climate change while we still can.

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