Campaigning for a greener future


The Green Village is a melting pot of green information and inspiration to help you take steps towards a greener lifestyle.

We believe that nurturing communities and supporting local independent businesses is the way to strengthen our economy and create a friendlier, lower carbon society. We also believe that going green doesn’t have to mean sacrifice and going without. In fact, we believe that a greener way of life is a richer way of life.

From our ‘Green Living’ articles which cover different aspects of reducing the carbon footprint of your way of life, to the ‘Green Planet’ section which covers more of the issues that affect the world as a whole, we want to encompass as much about the environmental impacts on our planet as possible.

We also want to uncover the best eco products on the market and get to the bottom of those that are as good as they say they are and what’s the best value for money if you want to invest in green companies. From beauty and cleaning products to eco gadgets and green books, we want to help you make informed decisions and ethical purchases.

Promoting companies, charities and organisations in the green sector is important to us too. You can find campaigns to support from UK and world charities in our campaigns section, and our Green Directory can help you discover specialists and suppliers in the green industry in your local area.

So whether you’re new to The Green Village or a seasoned visitor, we hope you like what you find and come back to see our latest campaigns and get involved with a greener way of life.

Who runs The Green Village?

Sarah Briggs

A self confessed eco hippy, I'm always looking for new ways to be greener in my everyday life while inspiring others to see how easy it is to make low carbon choices.

I love promoting small businesses and independent producers. I strongly believe we can all make a difference and that the power of numbers is so much bigger than we give it credit.

Learning about the world we live in and the creatures we share it with fascinates me, and I'm keen to experience as much as it has to offer as I possibly can. Whether that's by making my own butter or growing my own veg, learning to use my spinning wheel or talking to skilled people who keep old crafts alive, it's all part of my journey and I hope you enjoy sharing it with me too.
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Chris Briggs

For as long as I can remember, nature has fascinated me. As a child, I was always outdoors exploring. Science took centre stage throughout my eduction growing up too. I studied Environmental Science at Portsmouth University and have carried on this passion through setting up and running The Green Village.

You might find the odd post about science and technology throughout the site but I tend to leave most of the writing to Sarah :)
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Jane Smith

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Katherine Humphreys

Having worked in the heart of the fashion and beauty world in London, I have a passion for discovering and trying out organic and eco-friendly products with a conscience.

My other great passion is writing, and contributing to the Green Village is the perfect way for me to show consumers how easy it is to make informed choices when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.
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