Campaigning for a greener future

A New Greenhouse for The White House

The south lawn of The White House is to once again become an organic garden, providing fresh, organic vegetables for The White House kitchen, and leading by example, demonstrating to the American people just what can be achieved in the average garden space. This is the first time that a veg garden has been in use at The White House since the “Dig For Victory” campaigns of World War II.

Campaign group Eat the View, who aim to get high impact gardens installed in high profile places, put pressure on the Obamas to join in and plant a kitchen garden at The White House. First Lady, Michelle Obama has said that the motive behind the kitchen garden is that passers-by will see the garden and the goodness being produced there and be inspired to plant and grow their own vegetables and produce at home.

The drive comes at a time when obesity is at a high in America, and educating people and children alike about the nutrional value of food, and the health benefits that can come from eating home grown veg is high on the agenda. Both in terms of knowing what your food has grown in, and had put on it, and also the exercise you get maintaining the plot, there are no negatives to getting involved and growing some veg for yourself!

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