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Lack Of Spaces To Grow Own Veg Results In Allotment Summit

Waiting lists of up to 9 years across different areas of Wales have led to calls for more to be done to increase growing spaces across the country. Growing your own vegetables is becoming ever more popular, with allotments still being the prime location for most if they can get their hands on a vacant plot.

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British Gas Green Skills Training Centre To Be Built In South Wales Valleys

The UK’s first Green Skills Training Centre will be built in Tredegar in the South Wales Valleys later this year according to an announcement from British Gas and the Welsh Assembly Government. The centre will provide training for up to 1300 people a year, including up-skilling existing British Gas employees in renewable energy technologies.

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Sustainable Development Spurred On By New Building Regulations In Wales

Yesterday, the Housing Minister for Wales, Jane Davidson, announced that Wales will be setting stricter rules on new buildings from September 1st. The building regulations currently in place are outdated and this movement will help create more sustainable homes in the future.

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