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Transport and Travel

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Everyone has to travel, but there are greener alternatives available to us all that could help us reduce how much we rely on fossil fuels. We want to make it easier for people to make a commitment to reduce how much they travel and how they travel. Sometimes if we just knew what opportunities were there, such as car share schemes, public transport links, or even the cycle routes that exist in the local area, these decisions would be much easier to make.

Getting on your bike

5 Reasons to Get On Your Bike

The thought of climbing on a bike may strike fear into the hearts of some, but it ignites a childlike desire to escape into the great outdoors in others.

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Planning a Low Carbon Holiday

Holidays are one of the highlights of the year that many people spend months looking forward to and nearly as long planning.

fuelling vehicle

Making Your Driving Style Greener

Many of us are looking at ways to save energy within the home, but have you thought about your fuel consumption on the road?

New Year Fireworks

Resolutions for a Green New Year

With Christmas over and a new year begun, many people's attention has passed to what their New Year's Resolution should be.

Micro-hybrid eco cars

Micro-Hybrid Technology Could Stop-Start An Eco-Car Revolution

Even the most environmentally minded among us often have to frequently rely on four wheel car transportation to get us from A to B so finding a low carbon emitting car, whether it's a family car or a commuter vehicle, is important.

car free day

World Carfree Day 2009 Taking Place On 22nd September

Tuesday 22nd September 2009 is World Carfree Day, the day each year when people are urged to leave their cars at home and use alternative transport.

School bike racks

Bike Bans Leave Kids Unable To Cycle To School

Most people will be aware now that the kids are back at school, if only because of the added congestion that returns once the school gates reopen.

i-Miev mitsubishi peugeot electric car

Peugeot and Mitsubishi Join Forces In Building European Electric Car

The electric car market is due to get another boost following an agreement between Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi, and French owned Peugeot.

nissan leaf electric car

Zero Emission Nissan ‘Leaf’ Electric Car Revealed

Car manufacturers Nissan have announced their new 100% electric car, the Leaf, will be rolled out in car showrooms by the end of next year.

sustainable eco homes in York

Andrew Adonis Commits To New Greener Transport System

Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis has announced government plans to improve the green credentials of the UK's transport networks.

'Park and Ride' bus

Council Approves New ‘Park And Ride’ At Bathampton Meadows

The city of Bath is renowned for its healing spas and history and attracts around 4 million visitors each year.

gone off the rails

Has The UK Gone Off The Rails?

I was talking with my mum earlier this week and she was telling me about a trip to Birmingham to visit the National Trust Back to Backs Exhibition, which in itself was a fantastic day out showcasing a row of terraced houses each depicting a different era, including a wartime house complete with Dig for Victory garden.

University of Warwick Unveils WorldFirst Green Race Car

Most people would argue that motor racing and the environment don't fit together well, and usually they'd be right.

bike to work week

Get On Your Bike For Bike To Work Week

Across America and Canada people are being urged to join in with the spirit of Bike to Work Week from 11th-17th May.