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Recycling and Waste

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When we’ve finished with items we buy or the packaging that they come in, the story doesn’t end there. Just because the bin lorry has turned out of the street, the journey for our unwanted waste still goes on, whether it is dumped in a landfill site, shipped to other countries to be disposed of, incinerated or recycled. We wanted to look into what happens to the things we no longer want or need and help people find ways of reducing waste in the first place.

Keele Sustainability Hub Big Green Swish

A Swishing Good Time

As part of Go Green Week, Keele University held The Big Green Swish.

Post Christmas Cleanup

Cleaning up After Christmas the Green Way

Every year the post Christmas clean-up means finding a new home for all sorts of leftovers from the festive season.

water fall

Reducing Water Usage in your Home

Water is one of our most precious resources and everybody needs access to clean fresh water to stay healthy.

eco kitchen - Image attribution: Flickr user georgiapeachez

Ways to Reduce Kitchen Waste

As consumers, everybody generates waste to some extent, and although recycling can give our waste products a new lease of life, reducing the amount of waste we produce as a whole is a significant way of reducing our carbon footprint.

Office filled with paper - Image attribution: Flickr user Alan Cleaver

Going Paper Free to Green Your Business

Given the already unrelenting amount of economic strain that small businesses have been under in recent years, it’s perhaps no surprise that the notion of cultivating an ‘eco-friendly’ workplace, has been somewhat subdued in recent years.

New Year Fireworks

Resolutions for a Green New Year

With Christmas over and a new year begun, many people's attention has passed to what their New Year's Resolution should be.

Newcastle-under-Lyme council cardboard recycling bag

Newcastle-under-Lyme Council Give Impressive Recycling Container Response

Living in Newcastle-under-Lyme makes recycling easy in many ways, because we are known to have the largest number of recycling containers for waste out of the whole UK, despite some people thinking this may make things trickier due to separating out waste and storing said containers.

recycling lorry

Richmond Council Recycling Scheme Loses Biggest Client

An increase in commercial recycling scheme costs has forced Richmond Council's largest client to find a cheaper alternative.

wrap wood waste

WRAP Research Indicates Waste Wood Demand Will Outstrip Supply

A new study conducted by WRAP, Waste & Resources Action Programme, published on 28th August 2009, has identified that demand for waste wood will outstrip supply in the next few years.

man laying a hedge (photograph: by soundslogical via flickr)

Stella Artois To Fund Hedgelaying In The UK

Master Brewers, Stella Artois have teamed up with the Tree Council to fund traditional hedgelaying throughout the UK.

48% Reduction In Carrier Bag Usage; 2% Short Of Target

Back in February Gordon Brown threatened supermarkets that unless they took action to reduce the amount of carrier bags given away, currently 1 billion bags every year of which many are shipped off to landfill after a single use, the government would pass legislation forcing supermarkets to act.

world's largest piece of recycled artwork

Recycle Week 2009 Encourages People To Waste Less

Today marks the start of the 5th annual 'Recycle Week', a nationwide initiative looking to promote waste reduction and recycling across the UK.

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Coca Cola To Introduce Molasses Based Drinks Bottles

Coca-Cola contribute significantly to the millions of plastic bottles being discarded every year, but new plans announced by the drinks firm could see them taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of their bottles.

Old Trafford Traders Join In The Battle Against Bags

Reducing the amount of plastic bags given away each year has become a target for many companies and businesses of late, from supermarkets to high street retailers.