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Lily The Goat Was Just Kidding After All

So after months of wondering, waiting, trekking up and down to the farm where the troublesome trio spend their days frolicking in the field, it turns out that our lovely four year old pygmy crossed with toggenburg goat Lily was just kidding all along.

We took her off to be serviced in November last year and have been keeping an eye out for signs of the impending pregnancy for the last few months as we didn’t know whether she would have been serviced by the billy goats early on or towards the end of her time away from home. We had been hoping to get Lily in kid, become proud parents with one or two beautiful baby goats running about in the midsummer sun and the opportunity to milk mother goat, potentially providing us with the main ingredient needed to make our own homemade goats cheese.

Having seen Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recent antics with a vet ultra-sounding his presumed pregnant goat turn out to be a phantom pregnancy, we decided to call a man in the know with a portable ultrasound machine to find out once and for all whether Lily was going to kid this year. Goats can hold onto their kid for up to a month after their due date, and as she was two weeks late if she had been serviced at the very last opportunity, we thought it best to find out whether there were baby goats in her very round belly or whether she had been having us on all along.

Sadly this time it was not meant to be. However watching what goes into ultrasound scanning a goat was certainly an interesting experience. Maybe next time… after all goats begin to come into season from midsummer as melatonin is released and begins the cycle of fertility. We shall see!

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