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So in September I enrolled at Keele University as a student on the BSc Environment and Sustainability course. Having toyed with the idea of returning to education to get my degree, I found this course on my doorstep and it looked amazing. I’ve just finished my first Semester of modules (the exams remain) but my experience so far has exceeded every expectation.

My modules have provided background to a number of crucial aspects of sustainability and the environment as a whole, giving a scientific basis. I have enjoyed this side of the course more than I ever anticipated. From Politics to Geology and Geography, my first four modules built a foundation I expect I will continue building on once exams are over and Semester 2 begins. I’ve also attended a number of talks and seminars held by specialists within the School which has been a great way to experience really current developments and research being undertaken in the department. Furthermore the intellectual challenge of so much new terminology to process and concepts to get my head around has been difficult at times but thoroughly enjoyable. Coupled with getting to know the other students on my course, I feel very settled and extremely pleased I applied to Keele just under a year ago.

Being revision week, I decided it might work quite well to share some of my newly gleaned knowledge through a series of posts featuring aspects covered each day. Some will be on political themes such as the development of sustainability as a concept; others will look more at the processes affecting the planet and the bigger environmental systems. I believe all will highlight in a more rounded way the great importance for protecting and preserving the planet’s resources and being ever mindful of the impact our lifestyles have. Plus, what better way to see how my revision is progressing than to compile articles covering the various topics?!

I hope you enjoy this latest series and hope to continue the year as I begin; sharing more inspired content drawing from the topics of my studies. Hopefully in around 6 months time I’ll have positive news to share of a first year under my belt and an even greater appetite for the next year of my studies.

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