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Eco Xmas Wrapping

This weekend has seen me create the first attempt at my eco wrapping gift ideas. OK, so some of you will be thinking, that is way too organised to have gifts ready for wrapping, but there will be others more organised than I have been who already have bags of gifts wrapped, tagged and ready for delivery to friends and family members as Yuletide approaches, but I have to say I am very proud of my first gift wrapping creation!

For months now, I have been generating a pile of plastic tubes from the Simply eco washing tablets I’ve been using to wash my clothes. Loathe to throw them away and lacking in a recycling scheme in my area which collects said tubs left me with no alternative but to keep piling them up in my utility room, on the work surface, on the window sill, wherever I could find space. Then this weekend, inspiration hit me! Xmas packaging with a difference!

I had decided after being introduced to the glorious beauty and bath products offered by Lush that due to time being at a premium this year, my plans to make all homemade gifts for people would have to be compromised. The organic, natural, handmade goodness at Lush would be that compromise, and I couldn’t see anybody complaining at that! The packaging for these beautiful smelling goodies would be recycled, handmade washing powder boxes! Plus, the beauty of the boxes is that the usual tell tale whiff of lovely lush scents would be concealed within the box until the recipient unravelled the ribbons decorating the box and peeled back the lid to find bath bombs and solid oils within the unbleached tissue paper keeping them safe!

The first box has been decorated with holographic sticky back foil wrapped around the clear plastic tub in Christmassy red, and embellishments of a silver snowman with blue hat and scarf and a green Christmas tree complete the look. Pieces of ribbon secure the lid and keep tempted fingers out of the box until Christmas morning, and can be re-used afterwards. The tub is also so pretty, your gift receiver won’t want to throw it away, and it’s an ideal size to hold jewellery, toiletries, craft items or to give a gift in themselves next year!

So why not have a green Christmas this year and try some eco-wrapping alternatives!

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